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  • Totally zen out with this gorg Himalayan salt lamp. This lamp transforms any room into a bohemian paradise & gives off a relaxing, warm colored hue. Namaste!
  • USB plug in
  • Please note: exact size & rock shape may vary
  • Average size: 3.5in (w) x 5.5in (h) x 2.5in (d)
  • Also note: there is nothing wrong w/ ur lamp if you notice water collecting on it or around it. Lamp crying, also known as “leaking”, “sweating”, “weeping” or “melting” is normal. Even though it’s called leaking, the water is not actually coming from the lamp itself. In order to avoid excessive leaking, we do not recommend you placing the salt lamp in these areas: bathrooms, kitchens, laundry room, open outdoor spaces & next to a window. To avoid water dripping onto your furniture, place your lamp on a placemat or a small dish.
  • material: 85% salt, 10% wood & 5% metal

White Himalayan Salt Lamp

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