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  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Pack of 2. They are gold color with a brushed metal design, vintage & modern feel. They are slender, hourglass shape, heavy and with a good weight. The base has a velvet on the bottom which protects your furniture from scratches.
  • DIMENSIONS: The Base is 2.25 inches wide for all sizes. Heights: 9 Inches; Candle Hole Size: 0.75"D (standard candlestick/taper size). Perfectly fit for any standard candlestick or taper candles.
  • OUTSTANDING FEATURES: These candlestick holders are sleek, slender, Modern and with a bit of Vintage. They also have a great weight which means they won't fall over from the weight of a candle or the wind. Because of the taper Design on the candlesticks when using a candle that dripped, it dripped onto the holder and not onto your table.

Gold Taper Candle Holders

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